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Date: Fri Feb 12 2010 - 23:04:48 EST

Thanks, that is the obvious answer, right now I need to know if that is the
only problem I have. .

What I didn't have time to say earlier is that between two of the OS's
failing I did just reinstall the OEM one from last Feb. It is rather weak,
but at least it didn't ever short.

I'm kinda wondering about an electrical problem. When I start it up the volt
meter sits way to the left and then starts moving up slowly, maybe taking 12
seconds to show full charging voltage. The other day when I put in a
replacement IAC motor I did a little moving around of that two wire flat
plastic encased ground strap that bolts to the wiper motor.

When I got done I noticed that the needle moved up faster, taking only about
6 seconds to get up to voltage. But that still doesn't seem to be proper.

I guess I should take a trip to the wrecker tomorrow as see if I can figure
out how that wire should be routed and maybe get another one. I don't really
like the way that one is routed and it is touching the heater hose and a
couple of plug wires.

What bugs me is that is the only electrical problem it seems to have. When
it quits running, there is no flickering or loss of gauge function.

In a way, I am still leaning towards the cam position sensor. But when one
guy got the codes to read, that did not come up.

Thanks, Biff...

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> Ditch the Bosch O2 sensor and buy an OEM one from the dealer. I know
> several people who have had bad Bosch O2 sensors out of the box and spent
> several days and money trouble shooting a problem they didn't think could
> be a brand new O2 sensor.
> brian cropp
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>> My '98 CC is really giving me some more headaches. I think some of you
>> have gone through this, I hope anyway.
>> I just blew out my third O2S in the last eight months. And this time it
>> no longer wants to talk to any scanners. Yesterday it wouldn't talk to a
>> big Snap-On machine or the Cal-BAR machine.
>> For the last two months or so it is doing the coughing, backfire, and
>> dying on the road act.
>> It can die at idle, in park, or at 60mph on the freeway. When it dies at
>> idle it will always start back up right away.
>> So far the known good items are: Plugs, wires, cap and rotor and a new
>> coil (two weeks ago a small scanner did show a coil code just after I had
>> put new one on.) Plus I just put in a known IAC motor, and it looked
>> like it was working correctly.
>> I've done a little research on the web, not much there. Someone suggested
>> to check the cig. lighter and horn fuses. Another 20 year mechanic
>> suggested that it could be the shorted O2s was "biting" the system, and
>> suggested unplugging the wire, removing power to the PCM and running it
>> for a while to see what would come back. (I just checked all the fuses,
>> no problems)
>> The only things not checked are the TPS and the MAP. But when one
>> mechanic got one hand held unit to work a while back those codes did not
>> come up.
>> The current O2S in it is a Bosch 13100, which shows as correct for all
>> Daks, Durs, and Rams for 1998 to 2000. (Except RT's)
 I hope it hasn't blown out the PCM, a wrecker here quoted $275 for a used
one. Anyone have any suggestions?? Thanks, Biff

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