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Date: Fri Feb 12 2010 - 21:43:19 EST

Ditch the Bosch O2 sensor and buy an OEM one from the dealer. I know
several people who have had bad Bosch O2 sensors out of the box and spent
several days and money trouble shooting a problem they didn't think could be
a brand new O2 sensor.

brian cropp
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> My '98 CC is really giving me some more headaches. I think some of you
> have
> gone through this, I hope anyway.
> I just blew out my third O2S in the last eight months. And this time it no
> longer wants to talk to any scanners. Yesterday it would talk to a big
> Snap-On machine or the Cal-BAR machine.
> For the last two months or so it is doing the coughing, backfire, and
> dying
> on the road act.
> It can die at idle, in park, or at 60mph on the freeway. When it dies at
> idle it will always start back up right away.
> So far the known good items are: Plugs, wires, cap and rotor and a new
> coil
> (two weeks ago a small scanner did show a coil code just after I had put a
> new one on.) Plus I just put in a known IAC motor, and it looked like it
> was
> working correctly.
> I've done a little research on the web, not much there. Someone suggested
> to
> check the cig. lighter and horn fuses. Another 20 year mechanic suggested
> that it could be the shorted O2s was "biting" the system, and suggested
> unplugging the wire, removing power to the PCM and running it for a while
> to
> see what would come back. (I just checked all the fuses, no problems)
> The only things not checked are the TPS and the MAP. But when one mechanic
> got one hand held unit to work a while back those codes did not come up.
> The current O2S in it is a Bosch 13100, which shows as correct for all
> Daks,
> Durs, and Rams for 1998 to 2000. (Except RT's)
> I hope it hasn't blown out the PCM, a wrecker here quoted $275 for a used
> one. Anyone have any suggestions?? Thanks, Biff
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