Re: 2002 water leak Q 2 of 2

Date: Sun Feb 14 2010 - 21:09:03 EST wrote:
> Working on a 2002 Dakota.
> We found the passenger floor soaking wet. So much so that I pulled the seat and carpet out in order to dry it.
> It does not appear to be the heater core. After drying the floor out I ran it quite a bit today with the heater on, without any water. Yesterday as the snow was melting off the top water kept seeping into the cab, on the passenger floor.
> To my knowledge the windshield has never been changed.
> Are there any "likely" sources of a water leak we should look at first? I hate to have the windshield R&R without some idea that that is the problem.

    I am fighting the same problem with my '96. At first I thought it
was the windshield, but now I'm not so sure. I haven't had a lot of
time to deal with it, fortunately I was able to move enough junk out
of the way to get it parked inside for the winter, so I don't need to
deal with it until spring. However, I *think* where my water is
coming from is one of the grommets on the firewall in the driver's
side footwell. It looks like water from the cowl area may be running
down the firewall and through one of those grommets. I found what
looked to be a water trail there, anyway before I ran out of time to
mess with it.

    I'm planning to do exactly what Bob suggested - run a garden hose
and see if you can find where it is coming in. Perhaps keep the hose
low (below the windsheild) and keep moving up until you find the leak.
That should be a bit easier in your case if you still have the carpet
and seats out. I have yet to do that with mine. (Just pulled the
carpet back and used a fan to dry things out - it took a couple of


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