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Date: Mon Feb 15 2010 - 12:48:07 EST wrote:
> wrote:
>>Working on a 2002 Dakota.
>>We found the passenger floor soaking wet. So much so that I pulled the seat and carpet out in order to dry it.
>>It does not appear to be the heater core. After drying the floor out I ran it quite a bit today with the heater on, without any water. Yesterday as the snow was melting off the top water kept seeping into the cab, on the passenger floor.
>>To my knowledge the windshield has never been changed.
>>Are there any "likely" sources of a water leak we should look at first? I hate to have the windshield R&R without some idea that that is the problem.
> I am fighting the same problem with my '96. <snip>

I had water problems on my '99 like that, but I was still under
warranty, so I made the dealer find the leak. It took 4 trips in, but
they finally called in an outside company that hooked up this
contraption and pressurized the cabin of my truck, then they pumped
smoke or something that they could see in, and found where it was coming
out. It was an involved, day long process, but in my case they found
that in a couple places, where the body seams are, the glue was
insufficient/missing. One of the places was on the passenger side
firewall, where the heater hoses came in. The sealer was still there,
but not sealing....

Just my .02 pennies...

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