RE: Ray's 318/360 swap (was: Oil pans....)

From: Ray Block (
Date: Sat Feb 27 2010 - 05:03:45 EST

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> From: Dan K
> Hey Ray
> Are you going to do a engine swap on your Dak?
> Are you in the midst of your 360 build up? Send us some info on what's
> going on with your build. Also send pics too if you can

Hey Dan...
I bought the 5.9 engine a couple years ago and had plans to build it up,
"had" being the operative word. Since then, circumstances have conspired
against following through with those plans. I guess if my 5.2 ever fails I
would be forced to proceed with the build but until then old reliable will
remain the bullet of choice. After all, it only has about 2800 runs on it.

Photos & Specs:

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