Re: Is the Maloo R8 the fastest production "truck"?

Date: Wed Mar 10 2010 - 18:19:46 EST

> Hmmm, I may stand corrected on my earlier assertion that top speed
> has no practical use. ;-) Since I-80 through Nebraska is about 450
> miles, each 10mph brings the state line about an hour closer. :-)
> (Well, that's at "normal" highway speeds - once you get up near
> 200mph, another 10mph only shaves 6 minutes or so.) But, having never
> had the "pleasure" of traversing that particular stretch of road, I
> will have to defer to your greater experience as to the relative worth
> of those 6 minutes. :-)
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Jon, you are going to get me in trouble.. I'm already trying to track down the '69 RoadRunner I used to own.. Now somehow, I need to find a way to sell more cars so I can afford to play.. and most likely pay a speeding, excuse me SPEEDING ticket.. because I really want to try a road like that one day.. At least once to say I've done it.. I'd never had the RoadRunner over 160-165MPH.. because I-57 was the best stretch I could get to.. I usuallly used old US HWY 45.. But only had a few miles between towns.
I I think step up the HP and get some 2.76 gears for the rear end.... Not like the 3.23s ever felt like they were running out.

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