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From: Phillip Batson (
Date: Wed Mar 24 2010 - 16:00:42 EDT

Those bolts haven't been touched...ever. (about 102k miles) So I'd be scared I'd break em off, plus I'm not sure I can even get at the bolts. He was talking about having to have the head removed and have the broken manifold bolts drilled out by a machine shop. I know there sure isn't very much room in there. And with my luck with mechanical stuff, I'm betting most would bust off on me.

The only "symptoms" I've noticed is the obvious noise, which sounds like a busted pipe, and the engine seems to be running hotter than normal. Gets louder the harder I push the accelerator. But I haven't noticed a loss of power or it running rough at all.
What else should I be looking for that would point to a blown head gasket?

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> From: Phillip Batson
> Took my 2000 4.7 4x4 into the shop because I thought the exhaust pipe on
> the left side had broken away from the manifold. They got it up on the
> rack and showed me the pipe was just fine.....but the head gasket is
> blown. <sigh> Guess it could be a good time to buy those Gibson manifolds
> I've always wanted...
> So he gives me a guesstimate of $1500-$2000! Ouch.
> So anyone heard of Thermagasket from Any
> good? Just wonder what that does to the heater core...

Ok, I'm confused (nothing new actually). I'm guessing you heard some
exhaust noise. Shop says exhaust is fine but your head gasket is blown?
I'm having trouble believing you would have a blown head gasket without some
drivability symptoms. I also find it odd that you would hear exhaust noise
from it and that it would be visible.

FWIW, I have a 2000 Jeep GC 4x4 with the 4.7 and have raced it for 10 years
with no issues. I've also trailered my Dak behind it for over 6000 miles
with no issues.

So....just how does one blow a 4.7 head gasket in daily driving? I have not
heard of that being common but I have heard of exhaust manifold bolts
loosening or breaking and causing an exhaust leak. (not on mine
though...knock on wood)

If it were me I'd be getting another opinion from a different shop.....after
putting a wrench on every manifold bolt myself to eliminate that


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