Re: Califorina Crushed

Date: Tue Jun 01 2010 - 19:45:49 EDT

I have sent them a little e-mail letting them know I heard of how they conduct business.. and said approximately 3000 people are discussing them online with nothing good to say.
THAT is such BS.. I hate people like that.

---- wrote:
> There are no vulgar words in existance foul enough or vile enough to properly
> describe how angry I am. Over the weekend I established contact with an
> individual who was going to help me ship the truck frame from Califorina to
> Wisconsin for a very very reasonable fee. I had to wait for today to call the
> salvage yard, due to the holiday weekend. I was informed by the rudest biggest
> asshole in the universe, that the truck had been crushed. This was not the
> individual I had talked to prior. I don't know who I talked to, they never said
> who they were. But I was basically told the truck was crushed and I quote them
> as having said they "can't shit me a new frame". More rude things were said
> to me but its pointless. If you ever deal with Pearsons Wrecking in Ridge
> Crest CA, please tell them for me that they can get fucked. I was assured the
> truck was not going to be scrapped while I tried to make arrangements. I dont
> know what to do now... I really just want to cry.

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