Re: I'm really beginning to think I'd have done better with a frod

From: Michael Maskalans (
Date: Tue Jun 15 2010 - 10:27:49 EDT

On 14-Jun, 2010, at 22:42 , TerribleTom wrote:

> Dodge Different went with the oddball 7 rib serp.
> belts. VS the more common 6 rib on most chevys and fords. So naturally
> different length belts are not as easily avalible for trial and error
> jobs like this.

unrelated, but reminds me of a story.

Dodge Different run 8 rib on my year Cummins. non-ac routing can be used to bypass a seized compressor (on a Saturday morning in BFE, MI on the shoulder of US23). But that only works with the correct alternator pulley: mine had been swapped to a 7 rib alt, and I didn't notice. That belt lasted 100 miles. I've had a 5 rib on that was "close enough" in length it ever since that trip.


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