Re: Re: Dakota => Hemi Ram?

From: Barry Oliver (
Date: Sun Aug 22 2010 - 22:19:53 EDT

Mike Sykes wrote:
>>>> So there I was last night, driving along and minding my own business
>>>> and
> then my short attention span got the better of me, and I was
> distracted [...ooohh, Shiny!] by a YELLOW 07 ram 1500 crew cab, big
> horn edition; at a little po-dunk dealership in the middle of no-where..
> Here's what I know:<<<
> a few things to consider: Hemis are gas hogs around town, but respond
> well to mods. Oil changes are more expensive and they have 16 spark
> plugs to change every 30k miles. If it has 20's on it, then tires are
> more expensive. Just a thought =)
> - miggity

Well, I don't do alot of "around town", but I do get on the highway 2-3x
per week. My "other car" is an 03 AMG C32, so I am familiar with too
many sparkplugs, ridiculusly expensive tires and 8 liter's worth of
Mobil 1 0w40 synthetic oil changes. Part of my "bright idea" here is to
go from 2 vehicles back down to one. The $$ I save on the AMG's
insurance alone should balance things out [my agent also has a benz, and
my mechanic - who is also his mechanic, spilled the beans to him that my
car has ~400 hp].

To whoever posted it, I don't know about the lifetime powertrain
warranty, but it's not at a dealer, it's out in podunk nowhere...

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