Re: Re: Dakota => Hemi Ram?

Date: Mon Aug 23 2010 - 13:10:54 EDT

Barry Oliver <> wrote:
> The $$ I save on the AMG's
> insurance alone should balance things out [my agent also has a benz, and
> my mechanic - who is also his mechanic, spilled the beans to him that my
> car has ~400 hp].

    That's pretty annoying. :-( Sounds like it may be time to drop
this jerk for a new insurance agent. Have you checked into putting
the AMG on an exotic auto policy? You do have to put up with some
limitations (which vary based on insurer, such as type of use or
mileage limits), however they are usually much cheaper than standard
auto insurance and are generally an agreed value coverage, so in the
event of a total loss, you will be reimbursed for the previously
agreed value, not the current blue book or market value, which is
usually much less. (If there is a change in the market that causes
the value of the car to go up, you may want to increase your coverage,
naturally this will also increase the premiums.)

    I have the majority of my vehicles on a classic/collector/exotic
type policy and the insurance cost is probably 1/4 of what I'd spend
for "normal" insurance, plus the coverage is better. The premiums
don't seem to be affected by horsepower either. Some of my vehicles
are stock, some are modified, some are wimpy and some are not. The
only thing that seems to change the premiums from one vehicle to the
next is the amount of agreed value coverage; they don't seem to care
that some are much more likely to get wrapped around a tree than
others. ;-) One really nice thing that I like about this policy is,
no matter how many vehicles you have on it, you pay ONE liability
premium. Unlike "traditional" auto insurance which rips you off with
a separate liability premium on every vehicle, you pay one for
yourself, and each additional vehicle you add only increases your
premium by the amount of comp/collision coverage added for that
particular vehicle. This makes a lot of sense since you can only
drive one vehicle at a time.


Jon Steiger 
Steiger Performance

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