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Date: Fri Aug 27 2010 - 12:02:58 EDT

Gary Hedlin <> wrote:

> Hey guys,

> Can anyone tell me the difference between the starters on the LA
> motors and the magnums? I had the starter go out on the 98 today, and
> when I was looking at what's out there I noticed the LA ones were
> pretty much identical, except they didn't have a solenoid on them.
> I'm just thinking... I found a chrome LA starter, and that got me
> wondering if I can put the LA one on and wire in a solenoid in
> somewhere.

    Someone will hopefully correct me if I am wrong, but I believe
that, with a few eclectic exceptions, the starters for almost all of
the V8 Mopar engines (and probably V6 engines derived from those V8s)
will interchange, even between big block and small block. I seem to
recall hearing about people putting Dak starters on their big blocks.

    The starter on the motors from "back in the day" was a huge, heavy
beast, and its pretty common for people to swap them out to the more
modern, smaller units such as is found on the Dak. Mopar Performance
makes a small starter (in comparison to the old ones), which I
installed on the 440 in my '70 Barracuda to gain additional clearance
for the headers I installed. I installed another on the 318 in my '70
Dart when the original style starter went out in that car.

    So anyway, as far as I know, I should think that the earlier
starter will physically bolt up, you may just need to use an external
solenoid, as you already mentioned. Again, someone please correct me
if I am wrong.


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