Re: Rear End / Rear Brake Ugrade

From: TerribleTom (
Date: Mon Mar 21 2011 - 00:10:28 EDT

On 3/20/2011 6:10 PM, Robert Smith wrote:
> Hi, Bob!
> Things are good here. She's had some welds already, but like I said
> after 12 years of NY winters and 166K miles she's kinda beat.
> She marks her territory with antifreeze & power steering fluid & burns a
> little oil. Just had her 2nd crank position sensor, & coil.
> Exhaust has been re-welded at the exhaust manifold...
> She's still mostly a daily driver, but only in the winter months, as I
> ride the Softail a LOT.
> As long as I can nurse her along, I'll hold onto her...
> Starting a new job in acoupla weeks & Susan & I will be car or bike
> pooling so she'll sit more than she'll be driven.
> I figure I'll ALWAYS have a truck - as long as I own a house - but a new
> one or even a used one is WAY out of the question for the time being...
> Flat out can't afford one...

hey Bob.. yanno - its hard for me to think of your Dak as "old and
beat". You were always "one of those guys on the DML with the new Gen
III's!" When I signed up, your truck was barely a year old. Anything
newer than a 1989 is "new" to me. Yesterday I replied that I had owned
Christine 10 years now... and it occurred to me, that the damned thing
is almost 22 damned years old! No wonder the freaking frame is gone!
Which makes your truck a ripe age of 11 years!

Just can't wrap my mind around how fast time flys. Its unreal. I get
customers coming into work, check their ID's when they hand me a credit
card, and I see birthdays younger than my own truck and it makes me cringe.

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