Replacement motor sources

From: Barry Oliver (
Date: Fri Sep 02 2011 - 00:35:04 EDT

Ok, I have been thinking about motors [my Dak has 160k miles and my
Durango has 170k] lately, and trying to decide on a plan. I like both
trucks enough to put a new motor in each when the time comes, so I think
I have a couple of options. The first and cheapest is just get a
junkyard motor, but I think we all know the odds there..

The Second option might be to have the existing motors rebuilt, and if I
do it while they still run fine, the process should go better than if I
wait til something goes poof. The downside is there isn't anyplace
local that I trust to do this, and Warranties vary where they exist...

The next is to buy a short/long/crate motor from a remanufacturer. This
  seems the most expensive, but places like this: or Jasper or Summit
sell motors and some even include decent warranties. Going with a crate
motor even gives me the option of going better than stock, too.

So, what is everyones opinion or motor replacement options if I decline
to replace the motor holder [truck] at the same time as the motor?

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