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From: Mike Sykes (
Date: Sat Sep 03 2011 - 13:40:43 EDT

>>Ok, I have been thinking about motors [my Dak has 160k miles and my
Durango has 170k] lately, and trying to decide on a plan<<

Having just done a performance rebuild I can offer a little advice. If
you're gonna' do a performance, even mild performance build it can get
expensive fast. As you probably very well know, you can't just toss a cam
into an engine and call it a day. The same goes for the Magnum crate
engines. While just dropping one in is possible, the stock PCM doesn't like
the cam in some of the those crate motors so you'll need a MP PCM (which
they don't make anymore) or a custom flash. Then the list starts to grow
from there.

As far as machine shops, the one I used is an hour drive for me but came
highly recommended. I researched and talked to some guys in a local old
mopars club and they all recommended the shop I chose. Not sure if there's a
Mopar Club out your way, but if there is they probably know which shops are
repuatable as far as building a Mopar engine. It's totally worth the extra
drive and extra coin if you find a good shop.

Finally, I've worked with Jasper engines and while the good ones are really
good, the bad ones are really bad and warranty claims are often denied
because of something little like you're missing one oil change reciept or
whatever weak excuse the adjuster can think of. is a good
source for boneyard engines.

Option number C would be to go pick up some tools and a book on rebuilding
magnum engines and let the learning begin =)

- miggity

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