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Date: Fri Sep 02 2011 - 02:04:04 EDT

You may want to check out and see what you can get. I got a
few engines with low miles for my trucks and haven't had any issues. Beats
the hell out of finding a decent shop to do a rebuild.


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> Been down that road a couple times myself Barry. Not always an easy one.
> I
> might not be able to tell you what to do - but I can tell you what not to
> do.
> Stay the hell away from Jasper. I've heard good and bad about them, but
> mostly
> bad. That kind of track record is more than enough to make me not consider
> that option. (bad as in motors blowing, not upholding warranty etc)
> Finding a local machine shop to do the job is also not so easy. Word of
> mouth
> and references are best. Local machine shop here was known for shotty
> work.
> Heard from a reliable source that they tore down a motor that was rebuild
> by
> this shop, to find that not a single main bearing matched. Instead of
> grinding
> the crank all to the same specs, they ground one or two that were bad and
> just
> replaced one or two bearings. Needless to say the motor didn't last long,
> hence the reason it was torn down.
> Machine shops are like body shops. A machinist and a body man who are
> honest,
> do a good job, are worth paying a little more, and seem to be impossible to
> find.
> Obviously the route with the best margin for success and quality would be
> summit, jegs, or even Mopar. They do sell short/long blocks for Magnum
> motors.
> Or at least the used to - havn't checked for a while.
> --
> TerribleTom
> > Ok, I have been thinking about motors [my Dak has 160k miles and my
> > Durango has 170k] lately, and trying to decide on a plan. I like both
> > trucks enough to put a new motor in each when the time comes, so I think
> > I have a couple of options. The first and cheapest is just get a
> > junkyard motor, but I think we all know the odds there..
> >
> > The Second option might be to have the existing motors rebuilt, and if I
> > do it while they still run fine, the process should go better than if I
> > wait til something goes poof. The downside is there isn't anyplace
> > local that I trust to do this, and Warranties vary where they exist...
> >
> > The next is to buy a short/long/crate motor from a remanufacturer. This
> > seems the most expensive, but places like this:
> > or Jasper or Summit
> > sell motors and some even include decent warranties. Going with a crate
> > motor even gives me the option of going better than stock, too.
> >
> > So, what is everyones opinion or motor replacement options if I decline
> > to replace the motor holder [truck] at the same time as the motor?
> >

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