autoshutdown question

From: Tony (
Date: Sat Sep 03 2011 - 01:04:22 EDT


Still having problems... I have found the auto shutdown relay is not closing, it has 12v to it, wires are fine fuses fine, the pcm is not turning it on.

what triggers the pcm to shut it down????

i have removed every ground i can find and cleaned... verified all fuses, replaced pcm. looked for bad wires...

no start, no dash guages, still get 'no bus'

fuel pump and all relays close like normal except autoshutdown.

we have 5v to sensors 'crank cam map etc'

oh, and what is that fuse block behind the fuse panel under the dash??? has like 3 fuses and relay???

this is a 2000 quad cab 4.7 auto 2wd

any ideas?????

thanks all!


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