Workin Day

From: M.B. (
Date: Sun Sep 04 2011 - 01:14:13 EDT

My '95 Dak got a nice workout today. Friend needed help re-hanging the
screen door his previous renters had ripped off the door frame, and the
new renters asked him to pull some largish half dead shrubs that they
wanted to replace. So, as my friend's 2000 Dak got destroyed in the
t-bone accident I've mentioned, my Dak got recruited.

I've been worried about my CV axles due to some odd noises I keep
getting going around tight corners at low speeds, so I figured if they
were going to break I might as well find out on a weekend when I don't
have to go to work.

Sadly, the bushes didn't prove much of a challenge. We just hooked up a
logging chain to the ball hitch on my bumper. I dropped it to 4 low to
keep the tires from spinning on the grass and digging a hole. My friend
backed it up a grassy hill in 2wd and learned that those sipes I hand
cut into my tires for extra ice traction also do an excellent job of
ripping out blades of grass.

I guess I need to find some tree stumps to pull, all I had to do in 4L
is tap the gas lightly and it ripped them out as easy as a trophy wife
pulling cash from her husband's wallet. One big mother made the rear
end hunker down a little and the roots nearly yanked out his sprinkler
system piping... oops.


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