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Date: Wed Sep 21 2011 - 19:25:05 EDT

It's all quiet at higher speeds. I've tossed the truck into some fairly
high speed corners for a truck and not a peep. The swaybar bushings do
need replaced due to oil degradation from a slow valve cover oil leak
(about 1/2 quart in 3,000 miles).

I'm kind of waiting for my Dad's 2 post lift to arrive for the new shop
he built before I take anything apart. I'm so tired of working on cars
I'm seriously considering just throwing it at a local shop and having
them change it out. Considering the trouble the pitman arm gave me
getting it off I don't know if I want to repeat it... ;)


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> This seems very familiar. With the noise from your engine, its hard for me to
> be 100 percent sure what that pop is... but is sounds very much like an
> unidentified noise from Christine. Similar situation... Parked or just coming
> to a stop with the wheel cranked to the right, I would get a metallic thunk.
> Prior to this noise, I had replaced the steering box, all tierods, ball joints,
> and power steering pump. I started tearing down the front suspension. I got
> the right side upper and lower A-arms off, and thats when I discovered just how
> bad the frame really was, so the wind got knocked out of my sails and I never
> did anything else. I hand tightened everything back up, and then parked it out
> in the detached garage.
> Now, the only other thing it could be in my opinion was warn control arm
> bushings. The bushings on CHristine are all dryrotted and cracked pretty bad,
> but just from a visual inspection I couldn't tell if it was the source of the
> clunk. Heres the problem... getting replacement parts for these Gen I and II
> rigs is not easy. Dealers no longer have the upper and lower arms available.
> Most parts houses can get upper arm bushings for the 4x4 Daks 87-96, but the
> lowers, the arms that support the weight of the truck - are non-existent. I had
> planned to see if I could locate a control arm from a salvage yard to try and
> press out the lower bushing, and match it up with a bushing at work, but I
> never got that far. Why bother when you have a rotted frame and control arm
> brackets.
> My klunk was not as repeatable as yours seems to be. But it was consistent.
> Yours is doing it every turn, lock to lock. Mine was not as frequent... more
> so hard passenger turns.
> If you figure out what this one is, let me know - I still suspect A-arm
> bushings.
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> terribletom
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> > Vehicle: 1995 Dodge Dakota 4x4, 318, 141k.
> >
> > Almost since I bought this truck, there's been a "clunk" from the
> > steering while at parking lot speeds or while sitting still. I've
> > replaced all 4 tie rods, the tie rod adjusters, idler arm and pitman arm
> > trying to fix it. The steering shaft seems tight and rust-free. The
> > noise sounds like it's coming from lower in the truck. I suspect it's
> > the steering box. I want to get it fixed prior to winter setting in but
> > don't want to drop the money on a new box and power steering pump (to be
> > safe) if it's not going to fix the issue.
> >
> > Video of the truck running with me turning the wheel back and forth to
> > make the "clunk" noise:
> >
> >
> >
> > The steering is pretty tight but on crowned roads there's quite a bit of
> > steering correction to the left to go straight. It's like there's a
> > "dead zone" between the wheel being centered up and a quarter turn to
> > the left. The truck was re-aligned at a shop after the steering
> > components were replaced ~18 months ago.
> >
> > Any input on this one?
> >
> > Thanks!
> >
> > M.B.
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