Chevys Suck

Date: Thu Sep 22 2011 - 22:50:02 EDT

Oil that is... at least this one does. Seems the ole Caprice has developed a
taste for petroleum. Last several times at start up a plume of blue smoke
creeps out from the well rotted out tail pipe but not emitting smoke all the
time while driving. mmm yeah... great.

I've always been under the impression that that symptom is consistent with
leaking valve guide seals. Group consensus?

Add to it the engine still isn't running right. Hesitation, dogged
acceleration... *slightly* pissed. I suppose I should dig out the compression
tester... but the last !@#$%@!ing thing I want to do is pull those plugs out.
ALl that Effing smog equipment on that engine makes working on it a royal pain.
 I'd rather change brakes on a Dak, a Subi, and R&R Zito's manual trans and
clutch slave, all before touching the plugs on that Caprice again.



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