Megasquirt - do you use it?

From: Josh Battles (
Date: Fri Sep 30 2011 - 12:01:44 EDT

Is anyone on the list running MS? I'm thinking about doing it to my bimmer.
I'm looking for opinions and experiences, and whether you passed emissions.
Especially the emissions part. My car is OBDI so I only have to pass the
dyno sniffer test. IL doesn't to any visual inspections, not that they would
be able to tell anything anyways...

Found someone selling a pnp setup built on a custom board inside a stock DME
(ECU) module that uses the factory harness and connector. I think I'm going
to do it, I like the idea of being able to run sequential injection and go
distributorless. Plus, maybe with a good tune I might be able to beat my
friend with the 944S who wants to run.

Link to thread with pics if anyone's interested:


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