Maybe a bad fuel pump?

From: Mike & Sharon Higgins (
Date: Wed Oct 05 2011 - 21:48:01 EDT

1999 Dakota 5.2 (318) Magnum, 5 speed manual; 210,000 miles, History: it's
been great, few repairs, only expected maintenance. So far.......

Until today. Traveling through town, about 12 miles since starting at home,
and only one block from work. Truck stumbled and stalled at intersection.
restarted twice, but wouldn't run over idle speed, then died. twice.
Friends from work pulled me into the parking lot. At lunch I checked again;
he started again, but only ran at idle for about 10 seconds, then died, no
restart. Fuel manifold showed little pressure and lots of air bubbles.
Dumped in two gallons of fuel, but no luck. Lots of spinning, but no

Q 1. Is there a fuel filter outside of the tank to the fuel rail?

Q 2. I am reasonably certain that the problem is the Main Fuel Pump in the
tank. Is there another?

Q 3 Any ideas on cost of part?

 I'll likely try to replace it myself. I haven't done any major mechanical
work in 10 years, and I am not relishing climbing under the truck, but this
retirement income isn't stretching very far. Any suggestions would be

Mike Higgins
1999 Dakota SL
1955 Belvedere Sport Coupe
2007 Subaru Forester

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