Re: Replacement Headlights

From: Ed Halterman (
Date: Thu Oct 13 2011 - 14:06:10 EDT

We got a set for a friends '04 Mustang off ebay and so far, so good. Be advised, the fit isnt perfect though but it sure beats the hazed ones that we couldn't see anything

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Chris Reck <> wrote:

>Does anyone have a source for replacement headlights? Mine are clouded
>over and a "polishing" kit lasts ony 1-2 months.
>I've seen pairs of just the headlights online for $100, and the entire
>assembly (turn signals too) for $140.
>Anyone have them cheaper, or anyone has a used set that isn't clouded over
>that I can paypal off of you?
>Chris Reck
>Naperville, IL
>>> '99 Dakota Sport + CC 4x4 V6 (Deep Amethyst)

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