Re: Flat Towing a 99

From: Thumpertoo (
Date: Mon Oct 24 2011 - 21:15:16 EDT

> The transfer case lever has a 'neutral' position for this purpose. I think
> it's actually printed on a tag on the inside of the driver's side visor on
> my 2000 Dakota.
> Of course you still need the other goodies like tow bar, a way to operate
> the lights/turn signals, etc.
> -Bill
Thanks for the quick response! So just put the transfer case in neutral on
a '99? Just asking because on my '02 I have to shift the transmission to
Neutral, then the transfer case to Neutral, then start engine, then shift
transmission to Reverse, then to Drive, shut the engine off, then shift
transmission into Park before towing. Maybe the difference is that I have
the electronic on the fly transfer case where she has the good old fashioned
manual shifter?

Thanks Again

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