re: Is my auto trans hosed ?

From: Mike Burgess (
Date: Sat Nov 19 2011 - 02:04:08 EST

So, it went back this afternoon, I paid difference for the 4 qt of
+4 vs Dextron III and the shop ate the difference, and did the trans flush with +4. I hope 24 hours and 20 miles, didn't kill the transmission.

I hope it's OK . Thanks for the advice and links to Dextron vs +4

The next job is the clutch packs in the limited slip. Gotta save up for that on too.

 '98 4x2 318 auto 149K miles

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> Date: Fri, 18 Nov 2011 15:31:01 -0500
> From: "Jason Bleazard" <>
> Subject: Re: DML: Is my auto trans hosed ?
> On Fri, November 18, 2011 1:44 am, Mike Burgess wrote:
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> > Went to pick it up,
> > and they had used Dextron III with a synthetic
> "booster mystery juice",
> > that "works just fine like the factory fluid".
> As others have said, make the shop fix their mistake.
> Personally, I'd take
> it to a reputable Chrysler dealer to have the snake oil
> flushed out and
> correct fluid put in, and take the bill to the shop that
> used the wrong
> fluid, and make a lot of noise and threaten small claims
> court until they
> reimburse you for the work done at the Chrysler dealer.
> That's probably
> just me... I don't let anyone other than the dealer touch
> the trans. Yes,
> dealer service is expensive. ATF+4 is expensive. So is a
> new transmission.
> I'm pretty sure the owner's manual specifically states that
> Dexron fluid
> should not be used. Having this info in writing from an
> official source
> will definitely improve your case. If it's not in the
> manual, it's at
> "Only certified ATF+4(R) is recommended for service of
> Chrysler Group LLC
> vehicles. The use of automatic transmission fluids other
> than ATF+4(R),
> including those claiming to be like ATF+4(R), could result
> in lower levels
> of performance, jeopardize transmission life and void
> warranties."
> In case you feel like reading more:
> Search that page for "Dexron" if you want to read about
> half a dozen
> warnings against the stuff.
> I heard somewhere (and bear with me, I'm not an expert,
> just relaying what
> I've heard) that the additives in Dexron actually eat the
> material
> Chrysler uses in their transmissions. If that's true, it
> would mean that
> there's absolutely no way you could ever add anything to
> Dexron fluid to
> make it okay to use in Chrysler vehicles. I see this
> "multi-vehicle" ATF
> that's supposed to meet both Dexron and Chrysler specs
> every time I'm in
> the parts store, and it makes me so mad I want to pour out
> all the jugs of
> that crap on the floor. My theory is that the very
> existence of this fluid
> is a major part of the reason why Chrysler transmissions
> have such a poor
> reputation... of course they're going to fail if shops keep
> using fluid
> that eats them.
> Ahem. Sorry, rant over. Good luck with this, let us know
> how it goes.
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> Jason Bleazard 
> Burlington, Ontario
> '01 Dakota Sport 4x4, 4.7 V8, Auto, Quad Cab, black
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