RE: Engine quit, no fuel

Date: Fri Jan 13 2012 - 22:19:26 EST

Hi Jon . I suspect water turned to ice in the tank and fuel system . Put some gasline antifreeze ( methol hydrate alcohol ) in the fuel tank and if you can , get the jeep into your heated hangar ( barn ) to thaw the fuel system .


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> Date: Sat, 14 Jan 2012 02:21:51 +0000
> I replaced the dead battery in my '99 Cherokee and moved on to
> changing the tires (outside, at night, in a snowstorm, just to make it
> extra pleasant). After I had replaced the battery, I started the
> engine and let it idle to allow it to warm up. Just as I'm mounting
> first tire on its rim (maybe 5-10 mins after I started the engine), I
> hear the engine stop.
> I went outside, it cranked over fine, plenty of juice from the
> battery, but would not catch. I did the "cycle the key on and off a
> few times to make sure the fuel pump is fully pressurizing the rail"
> trick before cranking it and the first couple of times I did this, the
> engine caught just a little bit, but nowhere near starting. Then
> after those couple of times, trying to pressurize the fuel rail this
> way made no difference.
> I pushed the schraeder valve on the fuel rail and there was no
> pressure there. By spraying starting fluid into the throttle body,
> the engine would start and run (poorly, naturally) for a few seconds
> and then quit.
> So, obviously this is a no fuel problem. My first thought would be
> that the fuel pump quit, however I can hear it running when I turn the
> key on. (Its definitely humming, wether it is actually pumping
> anything is another story.) The other though that occurs to me is the
> sock over the fuel pump pickup may be clogged. The fuel line is
> intact, not leaking, and there is no in-line fuel filter.
> If there is one good thing about this, its that it did this in my
> driveway instead of while I was driving, stranding me somewhere! If
> it makes a difference, the vehicle has been parked for 9 weeks. When
> the engine quit, the right rear of the car had been jacked up to
> replace the tire. I don't know if that makes a difference, I thought
> maybe that caused some sediment to move towards the pickup and clog
> it.
> Anyway, I just thought I would post here in case anyone else has any
> other ideas or thinks I am missing something obvious. I think I've
> covered all of the quick/easy fixes so this will probably get dumped
> off at a shop, since I definitely do not have time to drop a fuel
> tank, and I really need this vehicle now that winter decided to show
> up. (The fun part will be dragging it up the ice hill otherwise known
> as my driveway so that the garage can pick it up with their rollback.)
> Thanks!
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