Re: Engine quit, no fuel

Date: Sun Jan 15 2012 - 17:04:40 EST wrote:

> Hi Jon . I would also add some new 91 octane fuel to the tank , this
> fuel should be room temperture ( keep fuel container in house for
> awhile ) .

Thanks Jim, will do. I dumped a bottle of fuel line antifreeze in the
tank (the tank is a little less than 1/2 full and the bottle is
supposed to treat an entire tank). The temp warmed up to a balmy 20
degrees today, and the sun was causing things to melt. The Jeep
started right up, but only ran maybe 5 minutes, then the next time I
started it it only ran 20 seconds or so. Unfortunately without a
return type fuel system, the antifreeze in the tank isn't going to get
distributed very well I don't think. I aimed a torpedo heater under
the vehicle (at the fuel tank) but wasn't able to run it more than a
couple of minutes because it is out of fuel, got to run into town and
get some more kerosene. Its supposed to warm up in the next few days
also, so either via kerosene or the weather, once it warms up I will
start the jeep and let it run for a while and if it stays running for
a half hour or so, I'll risk running to the gas station (or go get a
can of fuel like you said, in another vehicle)


Jon Steiger 
Steiger Performance

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