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Date: Sun May 27 2012 - 01:29:40 EDT

She had current proof of insurance and I got all her information, and
wrote down her license plate number to boot. We'll see what happens
when my insurance calls her insurance.

<Rant mode on, don't read the below if you don't like angst>

I called 911 to report it. They told me they don't dispatch police for
non-injury accidents anymore. A police officer who happened to be
driving by stopped long enough to roll down his window and ask if anyone
was hurt. When we said no he roared off on another call. If you want a
cop to show up you have to lie and say you're injured essentially. The
cop showed up again 10 minutes later and didn't even take our names,
much less write her up for failure to yield. Once I get the estimate
*I* have to file a report with the state police!

Several months ago they disbanded their property crimes investigations
unit too. Then they went on the news and announced they'd not be
investigating 95% of reported property crime, and would no longer be
sending officers to take statements. You're expected to call "Crime
Check" and file a report, who do nothing other than file a police report
so you can file with your insurance company for the loss.

Since then our property crime rates have gone up 60%. Crooks are coming
from as far as Idaho to rob houses because they know they won't be
caught as easily.

The cops around here do three main things: 1.) Drug busts to bring in
seizure money for the department 2.) Write tickets to bring money in to
the department and 3.) Break up domestic disputes.

A lot of this is because they keep getting sued for stuff like this and
end up paying millions in settlements:

</rant mode off>

Either way, I'll get the truck fixed eventually, I'm used to fighting
with insurance companies by now.


On 5/26/2012 9:19 PM, Phillip Batson wrote:
> Were the cops involved? No
> reports filed? I wonder if she even has insurance. Doesn't report it,
> then lies about the intersection green arrow. Crazy!!
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>> Meh, it's not too bad from what I've been able to see. Looks mostly like a new bumper, headlight bezel and turn signal. It didn't touch the fender at all.
>> On the downside, the old biddy didn't report it to her insurance, and when the adjuster called from my insurance company she told him that she had a "green arrow" (as in, protected left) and that she thought I ran the red light, contrary to everything she said the night before.
>> My adjuster went to Google Maps and did a street view and didn't see a protected left signal there, but didn't know the age of the images. So I went out and took a picture of the "green arrow":
>> Sadly for her, no such "green arrow" exists at that intersection. It's always an unprotected left. Sucks to be her, the lying little such-and-such.
>> M.B.
>> On 5/24/2012 9:14 AM, Michael Maskalans wrote:
>>> On 24-May, 2012, at 05:21 , M.B. wrote:
>>>> Well, it looks like me getting in a car crash in a Dakota is becoming an annual event. Last year it was T-boned by a Camry in my friend's Dak, this year (3 whole days shy of a year from the first accident) I'm driving home and an old lady out past her bedtime didn't realize she didn't have a protected left turn and tried to make one just as I arrived at the intersection going straight.
>>>> Her car got the worst of it, the Dakota doesn't look too bad from what I could see in the dark. I just tried to drive over her hood like a monster truck:
>>> Hopefully not too bad, but what a pain.
>>> I can't imagine your suspension brackets liked that loading too well, hopefully everything is still where it belongs.
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>>> Michael Maskalans
>>> Rochester NY

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