Re: water pump ?'s

From: David Gersic (
Date: Sat Aug 11 2012 - 09:37:40 EDT

On Friday, August 10, 2012 09:17:19 PM you wrote:
> Well here I am again asking the great people of the DML for there great
> advise. I am sure its the water pump but a few symptoms first thought it
> was a bearing on one of the pulleys.
> the sound of dry bearing getting ready to go was going to find it in the
> morning but get home with my son for some dinner and coolant is flowing
> out from under the truck at the front where
> the water pump would be.

Sounds like the same symptoms I had in the spring. Yep, it was the water pump.
Mine's a 2001, so may not be identical to yours.

> So if that sounds like the water pump is there
> any tricks I should know.
> The truck is a 1999 Dakota 3.9 with about 78000 miles. Thanks again for
> y'all being here and any help would be appreciated.

On mine, the serpentine belt didn't provide enough grip to break the pulley
bolts loose. I made a tool from some 3/4" iron bar stock and a couple of
1/4x20 bolts to fit the holes in the front of the pulley, so it could be held
in place.

Other than that, it's pretty straightforward. Drain the radiator. Remove the
shroud. Remove the hoses. Remove the various bolts holding the pump. Remove
the pump. I didn't touch the alternator or A/C compressor. Installation is, of
course, the reverse of the removal steps, plus cleaning up the mess.

While you're at it, you might as well replace the serpentine belt, pulley, and

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