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Date: Thu Aug 16 2012 - 16:27:08 EDT

You can buy a fancy billet dipstick t-handle to replace the plastic one you
broke of from Billet Tech The oil dipstick
t-handle listed for any of the vehicles will fit. Also if you really want
to get fancy, the transmission dipstick t-handle listed for the Rams will
fit our trucks as well. I have one on mine. The Oil t-handle is a direct
replacement, the tranny t-handle reuires you to trim the end of the dipstick
slighty, but where you trim has no effect on how far the dipstick goes into
the pan to throw off the reading.

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Does any know how the cigarette lighter socket is held in? bought a kinda
heavy cell phone holder and when cell phone is in the socket for power it
spins and my phone ends upside down.
The dipstick yes me but not this time lol. I hit the handle on said dipstick
with a 3lb hammer when removing the fan yea yea I missed and smacked the t
handle right off.
Does anyone know where to get a new one? I hate the help brand one at the
parts store if not that will have to do.

Francis Fastje

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