Exhaust done finally...

From: M.B. (mailinglists@moparhowto.com)
Date: Wed Aug 22 2012 - 05:07:23 EDT

I finally installed the Gibson catback and the Magnaflow cat I purchased
several months ago.

I ended up cutting off the cat as far up as I could on a straight bit,
then installed the Gibson pipe that was supposed to go after the cat
before the cat, then added an 8" chunk of 3" pipe from the cat to the
muffler input, then out the back.

There's quite a power difference, but I'm sure a lot of that came from
replacing the shot stock cat.

I guess it's not quite done since it's a bit too loud, I'm worried the
coppers around here are going to hassle me over it. I also don't like
how low the tip is hung (I positioned it while it was 6' off the
ground), so I'm probably going to modify it further. For now, if anyone
wants to know what a 2nd gen Dak with this combination of parts sounds
here you go:


Or if you want to see how bad the stock cat was:



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