4.7 no start help PLEASE!

From: tony@tasteofthemidway.com
Date: Tue Aug 28 2012 - 20:04:43 EDT

I'm at my wits end, replaced PCM 3rd time, still no start, no codes,
 all looks good except no fuel signal to injectors, if I spray
starter fluid runs fine.
actually when I prob the signal side of an
injector with a test light the truck fires few times cause apparently the
test light is helping it fire the injector since the PCM
New Cam sensor, new Crank
sensor(Bi^$@# of a time getting old one out!), have 12v at injectors, and
saw few mentions of security enabled PCM's
causing similar issues when installed in a truck w/o security?
does that kill the 12v or just the pulses???
how do I find out if
thats my problem???
also some ignition switch problems
mentioned but don't think thats mine?
any ideas
i NEED to get this damn thing running!
car is shot.
4.7 2000 SLT quad
Thanks for ANY

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