Re: Re: 4.7 no start help PLEASE!

Date: Thu Aug 30 2012 - 19:59:07 EDT

ASD relay fine, getting proper 12V to coils
and Injectors, only thing not happening is PCM is NOT sending signal to
the injectors to open...
will run a test on crank sensor and cam
sensor wires and let you know, but not getting any codes that there is a
missing signal, I replaced them both just because I was running outta
ideas! and they are cheap anyways...  I know Crank sensor is working,
I get movement on Tach when cranking, and it works if I use starter
fluid.. who knows!
I miss the days when all I needed was a length of
wire and a screwdriver to get any car to run to get home!


>> PCM's are both Refurbs, 1st was junk, but

>> last two do exactly the same thing, so unless it were the issue
of the

>> security system shutting it down, I doubt it's that<<


> ASD Relay? I'd start there. Also, if the trans or engine has been

> recently, check to make sure the wires to the crank sensor aren't

> (just a thought)



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