Re: 4.7 valve stuck?

Date: Mon Sep 10 2012 - 10:53:31 EDT

I'm assuming the carbon would be in the cyl broke loose and wedged into
the exhause valve, not clear how I can get any product onto the carbon
short of pouring into cyl and cranking/starting it?
musta missed my post, turned out to be a broken pin inside one of the pcm
connectors, backprobing showed the proper voltage was there but it never
made it past that to the pcm!


> don't really

> have time or $ to pull head so hoping someone has an

> idea!<<


> Any penetrator should be able to do the job. Clean the area really

> with

> carb cleaner, then get penetrator on it. Begin waiting game.


> What turned out to be keeping it from running?


> - miggity


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