fan clutch

From: Jamie C (
Date: Wed Oct 24 2012 - 08:38:39 EDT

I have a '96 318 that has the thermal fan clutch. Dose anyone know of an
"upgrade" for this? That is, besides going the electric Viper Fan route
(which I already did on my 'built up '93).
I would call it a "Smart Fan Clutch", where it would
be completely disengaged at start-up and not be in the fully engaged
"roaring" mode for the first minute (although the roaring stop/start is a
good indication that the fan may be working properly). Then it would be
fully locked ones it reached operating temperature, but also disengages
under hard acceleration (not necessarily full throttle).
Is this really necessary? (Probably not)
Would I have better acceleration? (probably nothing I would really notice)
Does the start-up roaring bother me? (no, not at all)
Why am I asking? (don't really know)

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