Water Pump / Right Stuff

From: Jamie C (jamie12ga@gmail.com)
Date: Tue Oct 30 2012 - 21:06:33 EDT

I filled up the radiator today on my 318 with a rebuilt engine, new water
pump, etc. and water started leaking out the bottom of the pump and also
through both water passages between the timing cover and block. So I
removed the water pump to find that the gasket was torqued and twisted up
into the pump on the bottom. I guess it happened as the bolts were being
tightened, but still find it very odd.
Don't know why the gasket between the timing cover and block isn't holding
water though (haven't removed it yet).
I know there are different views on what to use, gasket w/ RTV. RTV alone,
or The Right Stuff.
I think I want to try using The Right Stuff by itself but I know it's very
hard to remove. Any other suggestions? Possibly something like The Right
Stuff but easier to remove? Or just go with The Right Stuff by itself?

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