battery case size ?

From: Mike Burgess (
Date: Mon Jun 03 2013 - 00:31:15 EDT

Is there a standard case size for the HD battery in the '98 318 ? I think
it is close to a "Group 27" but I want to make sure that the heat shield still fits and allows access to the terminals.
I'm in a small town (Willits, CA) now, and everything is 90 minutes away in Santa Rosa, or 2 days shipping for the local auto parts store.

Symptoms. Engine stalling, with code P1594 - alternator overvoltage & computer shutdown.
 First thought was fuel pump, but I finally got a code, by not switching off, and driving into the shop. I've got 160,000 miles on the factory alternator, and the regulator is built into the ECM. So a thought is that the 6 year old battery is not regulating the charging right ?? and it's cheaper to replace an old battery that may die any week, instead of the computer. Any thoughts if worn brushes on the alternator could cause this?
(poor contact , full charge called for, then good contact and overvoltage before the computer can roll back the charge rate ?
Or maybe the battery temperature sensor sitting in a puddle of battery acid under the battery has gone bad, calling for odd charge voltage ?

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