Re: RE:Long Shot: Anybody got spare parts for the HVAC box?

From: Eric (
Date: Wed Jun 26 2013 - 23:40:13 EDT

Same with early 70's Mopars. My 74 Valiant has it inside.

>It's a lot more common to put the evaporator inside the passenger
>cabin on FWD vehicles, also most RWD vehicles since about 1980. Dakota
>Gen1/Gen2 were also inside (dunno about later).

>> No for literally decades, evaps lived in the engine bay. The Dakota
>> is the ONLY vehicle I've ever owned with A/C that had the evap in
>> the cabin. And this includes GM, Frod, Nissan and Toyotas. And
>> vehicles from the late 60's through the present day.

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