Re: RE:Long Shot: Anybody got spare parts for the HVAC box?

From: David Gersic (
Date: Thu Jun 27 2013 - 01:56:04 EDT

On Wednesday, June 26, 2013 01:53:30 PM you wrote:
> No for literally decades, evaps lived in the engine bay. The Dakota is the
> ONLY vehicle I've ever owned with A/C that had the evap in the cabin. And
> this includes GM, Frod, Nissan and Toyotas. And vehicles from the late
> 60's through the present day.

Yeah. Fine. Whatever. Well, anyway, I'm looking for parts to fix my HVAC box
in my Dakota. Do you have any for me? If not, I'm not sure where you're going
with this. I didn't ask for advice on water on the floor, or mystery
condensation. I don't have those problems. I did have a leak in the evaporator
(replaced). I do have a missing linkage piece and would like to replace it so
that the defroster door works again.

> reaches the cabin. But when folks run AC with the windows down, for
> whatever reason, the outside of the HVAC box basically reaches the same
> temperature as the evap core and with the "infinite" supply of humidity it
> condenses out on the exterior of the HVAC box. It's simple physics.......

I'm trying to imagine the thinking that would lead to running the AC with the
windows open. It's making my head hurt.

So, anyway, what I need is the linkage to the defroster door on my HVAC box.
It's an '01 Dakota. I've found a local junkyard with an '01 Durango in it. So
I'm packing up the tools and heading up there to see if I can liberate the
parts I need. I'm hoping / assuming that the Durango and the Dakota use the
same HVAC system in '01. Anybody know for sure if they do, or don't? Or do I
have to pull the dash on this Durango to find out for sure?

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