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Date: Sun Nov 19 1995 - 21:19:39 EST

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> In a message dated 95-11-19 12:26:04 EST, you write:
> >A Magnum R/T conversion consists of:
> >1) A Magnum Engine Controller (SBEC)
> >2) Performance exhaust
> >3) Low restriction air filter (K&N)
> >4) Magnum V-8 Camshaft kit
> >5) Performance headers
> How do you like the headers??? I have all of the mods except the headers and
> the cam.....I have considered headers....This route always seem to have the
> most dramtic impact on a vehicle!!

I like them very much. They are the Doug Thorly tri-y which are stainless
steel with a nickle coating. Sure looks sharp. The perfomance gains
really became noteworthy with the headers. The cool thing about the
headers is that the engine bay is as quiet as when the cast iron
manifolds were there. I noticed a 1 mpg gain after the header/exhaust
upgrade. I also noticed that the carbon buildup at the tailpipe that
occured when I put the computer in went away when the headers/exhaust was
installed. A seat of the pants feel ( have never gone to the track or the
dyno) tells me of two other improvements. One was the upper rpm
improvement which was best realized as I shifted from first to second and
the engine didn't run out of steam at 4500 rpm, I could get a good launch
and pull through second like a champ. the other was there was a place in
the power band that had a loss of power then came on again. This occured
at 3500-3800 rpm approx. It no longer happens and pulls smoothly from
idle to redline. (big smiles)
> ALso, have you been able to determine if these parts void the warranty at
> all?? I have asked several dealer parts depts but have receieved no really
> good answer....
I never thought to ask :-/
> The warranty states that no mods to the engine can be made (incl computer &
> exhaust...) ....does this include Mopar parts??
They install them at the dealer. Dodge warranties the parts they sell. I
just don't know. ARRGH.

1994 Dakota 5.2l 5 speed (R/T in progress)
Bill Countie

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