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Date: Mon Nov 27 1995 - 14:17:08 EST

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On Mon, 20 Nov 1995, Tom Kong wrote:

> My name is Tom Kong and I have a '95 Dakota Sport V6, 5sp
> with 2WD (3.9 axle). This is my first american vehicle (my
> made in Pennsylvania VWs don't count as American).
Welcome Tom.
cut here____________
> I plan to replace the tranny and rear-axle fluids with synthetics as
> recommended in the owners manual (why didn't Chrysler spend the
> extra few bucks and put in synthetics to save us the hassle I'd like
> to know!)
Maybe to break in as synthetics are too slippery?
> The draining the tranny shouldn't be difficult. How about the
> rear-end? There is a rubber plug about 3" from the bottom, I assume
> it is a filler plug. How do I drain the rear-end? Do I have to
> undo all the small bolts and remove the rear plate to drain?
Sorry, you do. Although if you have a suction pump, you can remove the
fluid through the filler hole and you wouldn't have to replace the gasket.
Nice to have all the tools!
> Thanks,
> /tom
> PS: Every other new car I've owned used about half to a quart of oil during
> the first thousand miles or so, and then slowly stop using oil within
> a few thousand miles. This truck seems to burn almost no oil during the
> first 1700 miles. Should I worry? I've nevered owned anything with
> more than 4 cyl, or with overhead valves.

My 5.2l has not burned any oil yet (finding a big tree to knock on) and
I have 25,000 miles. I did expect some use during break-in but it didn't
happen. Your truck is ok. Relax.

1994 Dakota 5.2l 5 speed (R/T in progress)
Bill Countie

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