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Date: Wed Nov 29 1995 - 10:33:38 EST

On Tue, 28 Nov 1995, Matt Plowman wrote:

> Hi all,
> Speaking of an 87 v6 w/ carb ... This is what I got. The truck is a long
> bed 2wd and is loaded. I got it for cheap to haul the dirtbikes around.
> It runs nice and smooth but the power is definitly sub-standard.
> Coupla questions ...
> 1) Is there anything I can do to wake it up a bit ?
You bet. MP has a 4bbl manifold, heads, headers, and cams to fit your engine.
K&N makes a filter for it.
> 2) Was a suregrip style diff available in this application ?
Most certainly. My friend Gail has an ex-electric company Dakota with the
v6, auto (3 speed) 3.91 rear and suregrip. She has the LWB (no club cab
yet that year) and 195-60 15 tires that bring it lower to the ground. She
also has the 1800# package that makes it ride quite firm. It hooks up
well and gets to 55 quickly. Then it runs out of RPMs.
> 3) What gears do I most likely have ? No tow package.
Most likely 3.23
> 4) What kind of tranny is it ? Does it have a lockup clutch ?
The tranny in your truck is a A-998 if it is a 3 speed and it has a
lockup clutch. If it is a 4 speed then it is a A-500 and it has a lockup
clutch (basically a A-998 with overdrive)
I can't help you with #5

Put it on your sig!

> Thanks !
> Matt
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See ya,

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Bill Countie

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