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From: Jon N. Steiger (
Date: Thu Nov 30 1995 - 21:32:23 EST

>Bio (truck): 1995 Dakota Sport Club Cab, Bright White, V8, 5 speed, 2wd, 3.55
>SureGrip, power everything, air, stock chrome wheels with P225-60 r15 Dunlops
>(1" lower than stock), all decals removed, 3" suspension drop in front, 4" in
>back, Stillen air dam, color matched front bumper, fiberglass roll pan, flush
>solid Fastback tonneau, all glass tinted, GTS blackouts front and back, 14x3
>K&N filtercharger, custom cat-back dual exhaust, Fleckstoned interior,
>Kenwood stereo w/10 CD changer, dual Blues 10" subs, Clarion amped; more to
>come. WHEW!

  Wow! Sounds like you've spent a pretty penny on that baby! :-)

> I'll post a JPEG of my truck as soon as find someone (print shop?) who
>can do it. Any ideas where to get this done? I'd like to see other pix of
>comrades' trucks too!

  Sounds good! :-) As soon as I can get my pictures developed, I plan
to put my truck there too. (Not that its anything special like yours,
(just stock), but hey... its still a nice truck. :-)

   I've been meaning to do something like this. Also a Dakota Mailing List
home page if there is enough interest. If anyone wants to send
pictures of their trucks, you can ftp them to,
in the directory /pub/incoming/dakota. You can get the pictures from
the /pub/mailing-lists/dakota/pictures directory. I'll be putting the
archives of the mailing list in the /pub/mailing-lists/dakota/archives
directory. Right now though, there are no pictures in the pictures
directory. (Which would make sense, seeing as how I just created it! ;-)

  (As an alternative to ftp, you can e-mail them to me in any of 3
forms: uuencoded, MIME, or binhex. (ranked from most desireable
to least desireable :-)

   As I said before, I have been thinking of putting up a Dakota Mailing
List WWW page too. (Would have pictures of members and/or members'
trucks, access to the archives, an automatic interface to the
mailing list, etc.) What do you think? Is this something worthwhile
to pursue? Hey, if the MML can have an ftp site and a home page, why
can't we?? ;-)

   BTW: If you don't have access to a scanner, I can scan in your
photographs for you and put them in the ftp directory and on the
web page (if there is sufficient interest to start one). Free of charge
of course, but you've got to pay the postage to get 'em to me. :-) (If
you want them back you've gotta pay the postage back too. (send me an SASE))

  You can send 'em to:

   Jon Steiger
   RD #1
   Forestville, NY 14062


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