RE: Gas tanks/gauges/capacit

Date: Thu Feb 01 1996 - 16:20:37 EST

I was disappointed when with only 17 mpg from my v6 4x4 auto. I would expect a
lot better than the 14.2 you are getting with the 5spd unless it's all city

Dave Clement
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Subject: Re: Gas tanks/gauges/capacit

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> Reply to: RE>Gas tanks/gauges/capacity
I've never put more than 19 gallons into my take at once. I thought that my
tank capacity was only 20 gallons, since I've never even put that much in to
it. My truck is a 92 Dakota Sport 3.9L V6 5 speed. The most miles I've
seen from one tank is 270. Am I getting bad mileage? I just figured that
this is what the V6 got.

Jed Unrot


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