Transmission Noise

Date: Fri Feb 23 1996 - 12:17:34 EST

I own a 1993 dakota sl v6 club cab, my uncle has a
1992 sl v8 we both have experienced noise in the
trany when it's very cold out, when we first start
out in the morning,we both let the truck's warm up good
we live in Canada, any body else have this problem
let me know please, also my uncle has a clunk noise
when he applys the brakes, we've checked the front
end for anything loose,like loose brake parts
or barrings with no luck.My Dakota has fiberglass
running bourds from front to back, i have never
seen another Dakota like this,factory installed,
looks great,dos anybody have that??
 thankyou Gary Cloutier. Sarnia ontario. Canada.
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