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From: Harold Borders (
Date: Mon Feb 26 1996 - 23:53:34 EST

At 09:29 AM 2/26/96 -0500, you wrote:
>>have yet to experience any serious lack of performance, considering the
>>load. The V-8 works much better than my old S-10 w/2.8 V-6.
> Oh man! Towing with my '84 S-10 and 2.8l V6 was the reason we bought
>a V8 Dakota in the first place. Considering that the 318 is rated at
>twice the power of the 2.8, it's no surprise that towing with the Dakota
>is a much more pleasant experience.
> Ron "Gotta Sell The S-10" Rader
I still miss it sometimes when I try to navigate tight areas ;)

-Buddy "Traded the S-10" Borders (Sorry, Ron ;) )

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