Fast Dakotas

From: Andre Mauboussin (
Date: Tue Feb 27 1996 - 00:26:15 EST

Hey Everybody!
Has anybody got their Dakota running in the 13's without juice or a
supercharger? If so drop me a line as I am anxious to proceed. Right now
mine is running 15.0's with a lot of tire spin. Judging by MPH, I think
she'll run 14.70's with good tires. I am curious to know how much horespower
the cam is worth and how much labor the dealer charges to install it. I have
done the following mods to my truck as a point of reference. Thanks Andre.
  MP computer
  Full 3" exhuast(without headers)
  Jacobs Ultra Team
  K&N Air filter
  The truck is a 5.2L/5spd reg cab w/3.90 sure-grip


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