Re: How fast is a 318 Dakota (fwd)

Date: Thu Feb 29 1996 - 10:20:38 EST

>Also, only have about 1/3 or 1/4 tank of gas, and make
>sure it's premium. etc.... etc... etc...

Huh? why a higher octaine? Unless you are running the MP computer (which
adds more fuel) I should think the faster burn of the lower octaine would
help ET.

Here's another question...

With the NV3500 transmission (the 5 speed for the V8) and 3.90 gears. Is
it even worth using first gear? Around town I never use it, but then I'm
never trying to get the fastest acceleration I can out of the truck. I use
first strictly for off-road and when I'm hauling a load and have to do a
hill start.

I am pleased to say that Dakota trucks are very popular with small birds.
All winter long they have been taking shelter in the various nooks and
crainies on my truck. They have yet to dump on the paint, but I do washout
the undercarrage weekly. At the end of work every day this winter, I chirp
my alarm and 6-12 birds fly out from under the truck. At least they have
good taste, but better manners would be more appriciated.

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