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Date: Fri Aug 02 1996 - 11:49:26 EDT

On Aug 2, 11:30am, Phil McClay wrote:
> Subject: Re: Front Driveline Noise?
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> I think that is normal. I have essentially the same truck as a 1994, except
> have the 5-speed manual transmission. Keep in mind that the front axles,
> differential, and drive shaft are always turning (no hubs on this baby) and

There are hubs, kind of. They aren't the old style, on the wheel, but they are
there. Look under your truck. On both sides of the front pumpkin there will be
2 big lumps in the axle. These are the "hubs" for lack of a better term. They
are vacuum operated if I remember correctly (but it has been a while since I
was down there). The half shafts up to this point turn all of the time, which I
don't like, but the diff doesn't.

> this is probably the source of the hum. The manual transmission also makes
> noise (shop manual says this is normal too) -- I don't know about the
> automatic. The hum also seems louder at slower speeds, smoothing out at
> highway speed. The Wrangler ATs make noise too, but not bad and I like

I despised my Wranglers, they were dead at 10K. I couldn't turn a corner
without sounding like I was peeling out, and they sucked in the rain. This is
only my opinion though, I won't stop you from having yours.

> I didn't understand the details about the Dakota 4WD system when I bought
> truck, but now that I do I'm happy with it:
> - no hubs (and no way to malfunction either going in/out of 4WD)
> - C/V joints instead of U-joints (better fuel economy)
> - real (physical) shift lever connected to the transfer case (no push-button
> electronic shift on the dash for me)
> - since the front drive train is always turning, there is no speed
> for shift-on-the-fly in/out of 4WD

There is a speed restriction around 55mph on the '92.

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