Re: Cigarette lighter

From: Jane V Elliott (
Date: Tue Aug 06 1996 - 23:16:32 EDT

If by hot you mean having something, e.g., radar detector, map light, etc,
just plug it in the lighter socket and you're good to go. If you mean
that you want the lighter itself to be hot all the time, it'd seem like
you'd burn the sucker out pretty quickly. Worked that way on a '64
Plymouth I had anyway when I accidentally pushed the lighter in for an

Larry Elliott, '92, 3.9, 4x4, 5 sp'd, LE

On Mon, 5 Aug 1996, Joseph O'Melia wrote:

> I asked my dealer about making the cigarette lighter hot and he said that
> they could not do it because it would void the warranty. My dad had the
> cigarette lighter on his 96 Caravan fixed so that it would stay hot all the
> time. My dad even sent me the part number for the Caravan. It is called a
> cigarette and accesory outlet jumper.
> If anybody has any information about this I would greatly appreciate it


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